Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Land's End to Golden Gate

Land's End is the southern point where San Francisco Bay empties into the Pacific Ocean. During many walks in that area I have hiked all the distance between there and the Golden Gate Bridge. This blog - plus the accompanying photos - is a collage of those sights and experiences.

Actually, this article will begin just south of Land's End and at the north end of the Great Ocean Beach (in the above photo). I took this photo from the veranda/promenade at an iconic restaurant (The Cliff House) that has been there for many years. At the base of that restaurant - on the ocean side - are some rocks over which breakers roar. That area is very popular with surfers who, as the ocean currents are quite cold there, wear wetsuits which, unfortunately, look somewhat like sea lion skins. Therefore, there are a number of unhappy encounters with sharks who love the flesh of sea lions.

                                        The rocks to the left and the Cliff House up on top.

To the north of the restaurant are the ruins of the Sutro  Baths which, I understand, were very popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

                                   Another view of the Sutro Baths and from a different angle

In the area of those ruins are rocky outcrops which are very popular with avid fishermen casting their lines. Some of these people were standing on what looked like very precarious places - you wouldn't catch me imitating them!

                  He would have to be both an avid fisherman and very sure-footed to be up there.

                                               Eagle Rock which is just east of 'Land's End'

                                      From Lands End looking towards the Golden Gate Bridge

                                              A Hyundai barge approaching San Francisco

 The first Christmas after Ric and I met each other I spent the holiday with him and, while he was working, I went exploring. Near the Legion of Honor - along the trail from Lands End to Golden Gate - is this stark Holocaust Memorial. It seemed appropriate to me that I should first see this spot on a wet and dreary day.

The walk from the Cliff House cafe to Golden Gate is too far to be covered in one day so, these photos were taken over a period of at least five years. The above two photos were shot in the winter while many of the others were taken on sunny summer days.

 A distant view of Baker Beach - good for sunbathing but swimming there is not allowed.

When I took this photo, I had no idea as to the name of the plant. A friend who lives in San Francisco - and who loves hiking - has informed me that these are ice plants and, a little later than when I was there, the entire area would have been a mass of blooms. 

                                                     Baker Beach to Golden Gate

                 A view of the bridge during 'Rush hour' - and a good time to go and meet Ric.

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