Saturday, 7 April 2012

Bruce Trail - Primrose

Following the 'Falls Hike' up on the Escarpment, the next one was a circle walk out of the hamlet of Primrose - some ten miles north of the lovely town of Orangeville. Also, this was the smallest hike in regard to participants - and there were no women with us. We hiked on the actual Bruce Trail much of the time and completed the 'circle' by using other trails.

Some of the walk was through deciduous forests, some through long abandoned orchards (the apple trees were at the end of the blossoming period) and some across grazing land. At one point we left a copse of trees and saw a high knoll off to the left. I hoped that we were not going to climb it - but climb it we did!

Yes - we were expected to hike up that track from that distant copse of trees.

Addenda: I have just received a message from Jack Candido - this rise is called  "Murphy's Pinnacle" and is no longer a part of the route!

This was about midway in the walk so we paused up there to eat our lunches.

                    Jack Candido is the man in the blue and white sports shirt in the background

                                               Jack pointing out our route to another hiker.

 We were to leave that knoll at right angles - but to the left - of where we hiked up. As I had finished eating I walked down to a rail fence where the hiking trail turned to the right and entered the woods. I waited there for the others to catch up to me. 

                                                  The other hikers catching up to me.

After eating, resting, and leisurely climbing the next - although smaller - knoll, we arrived at the snake rail fence (so named because this type of fence zigzags along its route).

                                      Yes - the trail was overgrown in this section.

From that point we hiked through undulating - but not spectacularly scenic - country and, at one point, we encountered two people who were on a hike from Niagara Falls to Tobermory. I wished that I could have been with them - but they seemed to be a husband and wife so I, as a third person, would have been a 'third wheel'!

When we returned to our cars  - after hiking 12.0 km - we drove down to Orangeville and a Kelsey's Restaurant for our post hike meal.

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  1. You would be happy to know that you no longer have to climb that steep hill to the top of Murphy's Pinnacle. Instead the trail skirts around the hill and comes at it from the backside where it's a gentle climb. Much more civil. jack candido