Friday, 6 April 2012

Bruce Trail - Waterfalls - First Part

Our hike master - Jack Candido - seemed to choose the hikes willy-nilly. All were explored before groups were taken to them but it never was a case of sequential walks along the Bruce and the subsidiary routes. The hike about which I am writing now, was along the escarpment and above the agricultural communities which are south of the city of Hamilton. In the spring many of the creeks are in full spate with snow runoff and melted ice. We began our hike above the town of Vineland (a grape growing area) and used the cars in a hop - skip - and jump manner from waterfall to waterfall.

We began above Vineland at Louth Falls

The actual waterfall and a view of the creek descending towards Lake Ontario. Next was Twenty Mile Creek.

                       This is the type of terrain that I grew up around so I felt right at home

From Twenty Mile Creek we were faced by two intimidating staircases up which we had to climb. Hard on the legs! However, this brought us to the charming village of Balls Falls followed by Lower Balls Falls where we spent some time and where we ate our lunches.

                                                                     Lower Balls falls

                  Most of the village seemed to be part of a heritage site - thus the formal path.

                               Some of the group seen entering Balls Falls Anglican Church

                                       The interior of the that lovely old place of worship.

                                                            It is April - and daffodils

Our picnic lunch. That is Jack Candido, the Hike Master, in the background wearing a blue sweater and looking at something in his hand.

From Lower Balls Falls it was on to Upper Balls Falls which are quite impressive. 

                                                   Balls River above the waterfalls

                                                                  Upper Balls Falls

The next waterfall was up on the escarpment above the larger community of Grimsby. The above photo is the view over Grimsby and Lake Ontario from the escarpment.

Up there was Beamer Falls which was the final waterfall that we visited that day. There will be two more segments of this hike but they will follow other entries (just so that I can keep track of everything!} 

                                                               Beamer Falls

                                   Beamer Falls as viewed through the trunks of birch trees.

                                                         Springtime and wildflowers

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