Friday, 5 October 2012

Sunnybrook to Victoria Park Station, Toronto

In a separate folder I found another photo which I took while I was at the Riding Stables in Sunnybrook Park.
Modern bicycles 'parked' near a paddock fence while the family greets a more original mode of transportation - a horse.
The West Don River at Sunnybrook. The walk from Sunnybrook downstream to where the East and West branches of the Don River flow into each other is through a mixed use area - green lawns for family picnics and larger green spaces set aside for team games to be played.
The marker in the above photo (and the small trees planted behind it) honor those who have become victims to lung cancer. Whether or not it is symbolic, this grove of trees is immediately below the Ontario Science Center Complex on Don Mills Road.
West branch of the Don River.
I have no idea as to the name of this shrub but the blossoms look a lot like snowballs.
Where the West Don River and the smaller Taylor Creek flow into the moderately larger Don River. The West Don joins the parent stream from the left while smaller Taylor Creek is to the right.
At this point on that particular walk I turned up Taylor Creek. I will show photos from that walk and then will add photos taken on another walk in October when the leaves on the trees were changing. The bridge seen in the background is a part of the Don Valley Parkway. This route follows the east bank of the Don River down to near where the river flows into Lake Ontario. At that point the highway turns west and passes through the southern end of the city and becomes the Queen Elizabeth Way - the express highway which connects with the cities and towns to Niagara Falls.
The creek zigzags all the way down from Victoria Park Road. Usually the stream is shallow and can be easily forded but, when storms come along, it becomes a raging torrent - thus the various footbridges.
A beautiful tree which I passed.
'Gentle' Taylor Creek which - like the other waterways - can become a raging torrent during torrential downpours.
Trees and dappled sunlight reflected in the creek.
A bunch of wildflowers. The following photos and comments are from a walk down Taylor Creek in October with the autumnal foliage in full display
Some of the trees display vivid colorful leaves while others do not. I believe that that depends upon the sugar content in the leaves.
                               Cyclists enjoying a ride on a glorious autumn day(following photo).
I am guessing - because of the red color - that this is a maple tree.
More reflections
At the end of a hike I catch the subway to take me home.
Along the Bloor/Danforth line there are three short stretches where the trains are above ground. This is one of them.

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