Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Ice Sculptures

As I write this entry the date is March 19 - only two days away from the advent to Spring. However - warm it is not! The weather forecast issued yesterday was for a major storm with a combination of snow, ice pellets - and rain. When I arose this morning and looked out through the blinds I saw a mere skiff of snow on the plaza but noticed the people, who were passing by, were rugged up suggesting that it was cold out there.

When one lives in a cold climate the best way to cope with the elements is to join with what the weather provides. The upscale shopping area known as Yorkville is only three blocks from here. Every winter the businesses which are located there unite in a festival celebrating winter and that features an ice sculpting competition. On a cold Saturday morning a few years ago I went up there with my camera. The following is a photo essay of what I saw while I watched - and shivered!

                                                   A competitor working on his ice creation.

                                                 A different sculptor working on his creation.

Naturally, the sponsors of the event are local businessmen so the works of art reflect those businesses.

Harry Rosen is a well known local haberdasher. He is a tall man and specializes in outfitting larger males.


                                                A well known upscale department store.

                                       A bulletin board sponsored by a number of media outlets.

                                                            A more elaborate sculpture

The Whole Foods chain owns upscale supermarkets. As well as the one here in Yorkville, I have been with Ric to the one in Alameda, California too.

                            This is an incomplete 'work in progress' for a hair styling salon.

I used a file on Photobucket to store these photos. Somebody saw this particular one and asked how they got those items into the block of ice? I have no idea - this was a completed 'work of art' by the time that I saw it.

Like in the photo above, this sculpture was already finished when I saw it and the 'BT' sign was in the block.

                The artist of this creation is the fellow on the right hand side of the photo.

                                                         The signature piece for the event.

It may be cold enough to 'freeze one's butt off' but there are still interesting and fun things to do.

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