Sunday, 13 January 2013

Toronto Waterfront

Actually, Toronto's waterfront extends all the way from the boundary between Etobicoke and Mississauga to the west to the boundary between Scarborough and Ajax to the east. I have written about some of that area to the west and to the east but, except for the Toronto Islands, not about the territory in the middle. I will begin with the ferry docks and move west from there.

There are four ferries which ply the waters between the Islands and the downtown core. Two of these ferries go back and forth between downtown and Center Island, one goes to and from Ward's Island to the east and the fourth one (which is a 'barge' ferry) to and from Hanlan's Point - the western extremity  of the islands. It is by this method that delivery trucks and school buses are able to cross over and return.

The following photo is of the ferry terminal at the foot of Bay Street.

From here I will move east for a couple of blocks to the Redpath Sugar Refinery. There is/was an artist based at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco who moved from city to city painting images of whales  upon walls. The attached was painted upon the Redpath Sugar facility.

Much of the downtown center waterfront is a bunch of condominium buildings - including along the quay immediately across from the ferry terminal. When I chanced to go by, one of the boats that are leased out for parties was in view.

It is only towards the furthest west - and the furthest east - that one finds bathing beaches. However, there are 'sun bathing' beaches in the central core. The following photo is of one of them and the name of this spot is 'Sugar Beach'! It is built upon a pier so, while there is sand, beach umbrellas, and deck chairs, there is no where to bathe in the water - only in the sun.

The city commissioned the world renowned cellist - Yo Yo Mah - to help design a 'symphony' garden in the middle of which is a small stage where folk can lounge on the grass while listening to music. The photos of the garden above and following are a part of that.

The most prominent edifice in the city is the CN Tower which is almost immediately beside what was known as 'Skydome' but has been renamed The Roger's Center. The above photo shows one of the elevators which connect the ground to the viewing platform near the top (it is on the left hand side of the pylon and a little less than half way to the top). The item high and to the right is not an elevator but a light stanchion. I have been up there four or five times - the last time was with a friend from the Bay area of California. I am terrified of heights so, although I know that the glass floor of the viewing area is perfectly safe I flatly refused to stand on it - until she dragged me out there. I have a photo taken by a professional photographer of that incident and it looks as if we were literally standing in space! I have no idea what has become of that photo but, if I find it, I will scan it and add it here.

Moving on west of there one comes to Bathurst Street at the foot of which is another small ferry which takes people across to Billy Bishop Airport which has been leased to Porter Airlines. Here is a photo of one of their aircraft coming in for a landing.

Moving on, the seawall walk goes by some more parkland to the grounds of the Canadian National Exhibition. Along there one always sees plenty of waterfowl.

Three Canada geese keeping a close eye upon a female mallard and two ducklings.

Immediately across from where I took the above photo is Inukshuk Park and, of course, a real inukshuk.

The Chinese Lantern Festival was photographed largely at Ontario Place which is an adjunct to the Canadian National Exhibition grounds. Usually I attend the CNE every summer and, while there, I look at the displays of sand sculptures in one of the pavilions and visit the farm animals on display in another building.

Not having an artistic bone in my body, I continually marvel at the creations by people who do.

On one visit I saw alpacas for the first time (I have seen many llamas). First a small group.

A young alpaca who seems to be saying, "Take me home with you PLEASE!




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