Thursday, 15 November 2012

Chinese Lantern Festival - Toronto

During the months of August and September in 2006 and 2007 Toronto hosted a Chinese Lantern Festival. There are two parks which are side-by-side along the lake shore - the Canadian National Exhibition grounds and the Ontario Place Amusement Park. The Chinese Lantern Festival was held in Ontario Place with the entrance to the exhibit being from the CNE grounds. As the exhibition began in August it was held in conjunction with the annual fair. As you may remember - 2007 was the summer before the Beijing Olympic Games and the theme for those games was evident at the Festival.

I decided to attend one evening after the CNE had closed and the crowds had thinned. I had not checked the lunar calendar but it was a clear evening and there was a full moon shining out over Lake Ontario. The following, therefore, is more a photo album than an actual blog. Remember - you can click on each photo to see an enlargement.

                                                             The Welcoming Gate

You may have noted the full moon shining above the gate and to the left.

Upon entering the exhibit the path led down to the edge of the lake and I meandered from there. These photos are shown - more or less - in the order in which I took them.

                                                              The Dragon and Phoenix
                                                               The Eighteen Luo Han
                                                           Thousand Cocoon Dragon

                                                      Terra Cotta Warrior and  Pagoda

There seemed to be a few hundred other people there when I was and many of the photos show some of these strangers.

When we entered the park the path led down to the edge of the water and that was where the 'warriors' had been placed. The above is a panorama of those Terra Cotta Warriors.

                                                         A closer view of those warriors.

 The exhibits were named by their Chinese creators and I have no idea as to the significance of each. The photo above was titled 'Joy Song  on the Prairie'.

                                                Dragon Treasures
                                             Lucky Dragon Offers Treasure

                                                Dynastic charm of Qin

                                        Dynastic Charm of Qin as seen from the opposite end.

                                                 A thousand Miles For Love
                                                  Bells of Qin

                                                        Qilin Brings Fortune

                                                               King of Palace Lanterns

                                                             Grand Gates of Qin
                                              Riding the Whirlwind

                                           Riding the Whirlwind (Another Angle)

You may remember that the Panda was the mascot to the 2008 Beijing Olympics - thus these lantern pandas.
                                                          Panda Caricature

                                                                            Panda Zoo       

                                                                Panda Olympic Mascots

                                                                    Cute - aren't they? 
                                               Flying Goddess Arch
The Tang Banquet - which amused me as the barge was moored right beside the amusement park food court!
                                                          Taigong Fishing             

                                                             Pinming Teahouse

                                                                  Tang Concubine

                                                          Song Emperor Admires Lanterns

                                                               God of Fortune
To end this entry - three photos representing the Silk Road

                                                                The Silk Road - Xiang

                                                    The Silk Road - Dunhuang

                                                      The Silk Road - Baghdad



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