Thursday, 13 September 2012

Walking Along the Banks of the Humber

While the Don River on the east side of downtown Toronto is a smallish stream (unless there is heavy rain and then it becomes a raging torrent), the Humber is larger and the banks are more bucolic.

Most often when I set out to walk along the banks of the Humber, I take local transit to Scarlett Road and Eglinton. However, to begin this blog, I am posting a photo which I took while on an Out and Out Hike near the town of Bolton, some miles further north. Yes - this is the Humber but nearer its source.

Beginning the walk south from Scarlett Road and Eglinton, the river is larger than it is up near Bolton.

Much to my surprise, there was an egret in the river (presumably it was fishing). As you may note as I proceed, I saw the egret three times - or was that three different birds?
No - the egret is not in sight in this photo - this is (I think) just a pretty shot.

At two separate locations in what is now the City of Toronto, there are gardens that were planted by the wives of early settlers. One of them is the Jane Gardens on the west bank of the Humber (the other will be mentioned in a blog about a hike along the Scarborough Bluffs to the east of the city center).

                                                       First, though, some purple wildflowers.

                                                          Part of the formal garden

                These gardens are so lovely that I cannot resist sharing all of the photos

                                             Isn't this pathway saying, "Follow me!" ?

Leaving Jane Gardens, the path passes through a grove of evergreens and I love the play of light and shadow.

               The pathway crosses the river on a footbridge in the shadow of a railway trestle'

                     The Humber gradually increases in size as it continues on to Lake Ontario.

                                         No longer the Jane gardens but some wildflowers.

                                             Sumac and the leaves are changing already

                                   A weir (the hiking trail is now on the east side of the river)

                                        Another weir (and the egret is in the center foreground).

The Prince Edward Drive bridge at Old Mill Station (the subway line is just on the other side of the road bridge).
              It looks rather small but the egret can be seen in the middle of the river at the bend.

             On a sunny Saturday in October I returned to Old Mill to photograph some autumn colors

The pathway along the Humber River joins the Martin Goodman bicycle path where the latter crosses the stream

Looking east towards downtown Toronto and, Yes!, that is the CN Tower in the background.

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