Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Golden Gate Park

Many North American cities have at least one large urban park - so does San Francisco. This is Golden Gate Park. which is to be found northwest of Twin Peaks. In it are ponds (and a lake), walking trails and roadways. Actually, one of the busy crosstown bus routes traverses the park from south to north along the 'urban stretch' of U.S. Highway 101.

My first visit to the park was on foot from Haight Street - a number of blocks west of the famous Haight/Ashbury corner. The arterial streets which traverse the park could be classed as 'mini freeways' so there are very few pedestrian crossings along them. Instead, park roads and hiking trails pass under them via tunnels.

There is one of those tunnels close to the park entrance at the top of Haight and I was surprised and amused to find a handful of hippies lounging there while 'toking up' - a holdover from a bygone era.

                The outdoor theater which is situated near the east - Haight - side of the park.

                                                 Nearby is a Japanese Tea Garden

The Botanical Gardens and a Rose Garden (with more than 50 varieties of roses) are also found in that area of the park. While there I took many photos but will post only a few of them here.

                                          I love this photo of two nasturtiums in full bloom.

I am leaving it to others - better versed than I in the names of flowers - to identify the above three photos of blossoms.

These are but three of the rose photos in my album.

At various places in that park one finds statuary. This piece is called "Pioneer Woman with Children".

At the western edge of the Park (across the road from the Great Ocean Beach) is a tribute to the Dutch Royal family and, especially, Queen Wilhelmina. 

                                               Queen Wilhelmina Formal Gardens 

                                                        An authentic Dutch windmill

In the park are ponds as well as the larger Stowe Lake.

                                                            One of the ponds

                                                                    Stowe Lake

On the shore of Stowe Lake is a Chinese Pagoda

                                  Near the Pagoda is an artificial (i.e man made) waterfall.

In the middle of Stowe Lake is an island which is connected to the rest of the park by this stone bridge.

This is but another way to idle for a couple of hours while in San Francisco!

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